Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tuck Your Shirt In

As a guy Sartorially inclined, I believe in shirts tucked in. Here is a link to a good article on the debate from

Tuck your shirt in

Personally I can tolerate tucked out shirts as long as they're not way too long in length but I hate tucked out shirt with a blazer which most wanna be players and club guys on the night life are doing it and so proud of it. I guess Ignorance is Bliss. And there's nothing worse than to see a tucked out shirt and a jacket or Blazer and the shirt is longer than the Blazer. hurts the eyes but the guys are so proud of it. So much for fashion sense.

Anyways so I believe that a tucked in fitted shirt with a nice belt and nice shoes will look miles better than tucked out. Its just elegant and looks great as well. Only exception is probably if you're not in shape and overweight. Then it becomes tricky.

How about half tucked in shirts.....Here is what style guy on GQ has to say about it.

Q: When I wear jeans and a button-down shirt, my girlfriend tells me that it’s in style to tuck in the front and leave the back out. However, my friends say that is out-of-date. Are there any tips you could give me?

A: Out-of-date? When was half-tucked “in style”? The third week of October 2002? Shirts are worn in or out. Anything else makes you look like a slob or a poseur. My tip is to get a new girlfriend.

But as we have seen on the sartorialist blog, it can be pulled off but its very tricky.

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