Sunday, July 26, 2009

Striped Socks

I have always been fascinated by Striped socks. I think they look fantastic although it can looking silly as well if not done in right way. Here are some picks of striped socks and I'll post more later. I play it very safe and usually I have either Black or Brown striped or patterned socks and I will usually wear them with Black or Brown pants and shoes. Ofcourse if we wear plain socks matching your pants, it gives the illusion of heights and obviously striped or patterned socks will break this illusion but I just like it because it looks cool not that a lot of people will notice. But people you work with closely will notice it. Where I used to work, people eventually realised in 6 months time that I wear funky socks and after that I had literally every Tom, Dick and Harry critiquing me eventhough their own personal style was crap. But I knew that if the majority agreed that it was good, I was on right track.

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  1. These are terrific. They blend well with the pants and shoes.