Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ways to Pull of a Polo, Personal Favorite

I'm in Jax, Florida and I feel sick with all the hip hop guys and the local ppl wearing preppy polo ralph lauren shirts which they can't pull off. Worst offenders are the hip hop guys with oversized preppy rl polos. Here in Florida where everyone wears a Polo shirt, I think they should teach in school how to pull of polo's ;). As always the things I suggest are things I like and things I have seen and read in Fashion Mags and blogs. My main influence for pulling of polos is ofcourse and some help from Details and GQ magazine. I think this is the Best way to Pull off a Polo, a White Jeans which can be bought from Dillards or Macy's on sale for $25 bucks, JCREW or Banana Republic gross grain belt which again can be bought on sale for $5-15 bucks and these polo shirts which can be picked up from Dillards or Macys for $20-50 bucks on sale. I think this looks very clean, crispy and easily stands out. You will be like a Smooth Player, no one will be able to figure out why you look so good. Ok the shirt here is a full sleeve polo but you get the drift. And oh yea lets not forget, you can make it look dressy with nice dress shoes or go sockless with Mocs or Boat shoes. I would usually go with Mocs but either way its a Winner. Or maybe even Converse. Finally all my polo post pics have been shamelessly ripped from

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