Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Forgot this one, last one for sure

Gap socks, Bally Badia shoes

Very Jazzy..Striped Brown Socks on Cream shoes. Is this way too much ?

Ah I think this is very funky. I think more appropriate for Parties and Friday/Saturday night outs. I can't think of wearing this combination with these White/Cream shoes anywhere else. BR socks and Shoes are cheap Aldo on sale for I think 40 bucks. I have grown out of wearing white shoes so I don't wear them as often. Does the job. This is the end of Shoes/Socks combo. I do have more but all these designs/combination s posted are my best.

I love these socks, probably Gap but don't remember. These days I usually buy 2 pairs if I really like the design or pattern of the socks. But I only got 1 of these and they're beginning to wear out. This is my first pair of designed socks and this is how I started buying design and patterned socks. I just loved the way they looked and after that there was no looking back. I liked it so much that I started playing around with different sock patterns and shoes. The Shoes are AE Odin made exclusively for Harold Heights in Houston. Love the Gold Buckle on them. My brother lives in Houston so one day I'm gonna visit that store :). I've been getting lot of complements on them. Also they shine real well when I apply the shiner on them. Love them.

More Argyle

BR socks and AE Hastings shoes.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Last one with Black shoes

Ofcourse I do have plain Black socks. I like the way these ones look. Unfortunately @ this point of time I only have one good pair of Black shoes, I do wanna buy AE Evanston in Black but ofcourse @ the right price. And Yes I swear these are not stockings ;).

Argyle anyone

I'm not a great fan of wearing Argyle sweaters, jackets as I feel the pattern is too strong for the face. But socks is a different story. These Argyle socks are carried now by every company, Gap, Express, BR etc. These ones are BR for $1.99. I like BR socks as they're light weight. Sorry for the poor quality of the picture. I'm just too lazy to go through and take picture again especially since I have more pictures with Brown shoes coming up.

One of my Favorite

Gap socks bought for .99$. I hate paying more than 2-3$ for socks. I guess I'm always on budget. Gap usually puts their socks on sale every 2-3 months but what I hate about their socks is that they don't have any thin cotton socks like Banana Republic have so most of my socks are BR, I have some from Gap, J Crew, Zara, Mexx. I need an opinion on these ones. I personally love them, I would still like to know if these are too funky.